Beautiful ukulele

Realised i havent been blogging much of late, not here nor on happy blythes. I found a mountain of work awaiting me after my leave.

I was glad and pleasantly surprised to get my ukulele. It was sent out only on the 3rd! Sweet!

And so far it’s everything I expected and wanted out of a ukulele. 🙂 I have been searching for one for a while and almost ended up getting other models.

Am quite glad I got this model as it’s small and light. Sounds nice and is pretty!! Well, I do believe u should like the look of the instrument. Tried a few songs on it using tabs and chords instructions from the web (till now i do not know what tabs are exactly! Lol!)

I would really like to sign up for classes and esp sign up AD but the available venues are either really out of the way or far. 20120107-014435.jpg