The little ones…


Bye bye RIP


AD wanted to name him Furry but mostly we called him Furby. Now he is “Old Furby” because he has been returned and we got “new furby”. Anyone else have furby woes too?

NOTD and the new addition!


Yup, we got a furby, and these were part of the freebies. But, let’s talk about the NOTD first. 🙂 Today’s is a mix of colors – brown, green, blue and magenta.

I used a variety of paints, but mostly from Essie, with the blue from priti and the white an old OPI.

I am aiming to get more pastel cream colors to form the series a bit better. Maybe a yellow.


I doubt I”ll use this dust plug as it looks easily lost.


And Ta da! here is the little guy!

I never had a furby. Think when it came out, I was a bit past the age for it (well, the target age anyhow) and wasn’t really interested. It seemed to do very little.

Well, I think it still does do somewhat little, or perhaps my expectations are too high. We are still trying to figure out if it actually understands, something like how Siri does. I am not having high hopes though cos Siri did not understand what I said and was pretty irritating (I have it off now permanently).

I see a lot of people freaked out by this toy, and they think it’s creepy. I actually googled this and found out other people googling the question “why do people hate furby so much?”. LOL.  I was thinking that perhaps I’m not so bothered because I like blythes, which some people find freaky as well, and their eyes are just as huge and also, another point is that I’ve actually taken blythes apart. I doubt I’d do that to a furby, but i’ve seen a few people’s attempts.

Apparently it starts off speaking furbish, and things are easier now with an app to translate immediately, although sometimes the connection isn’t so great (we tend to point the gadget directly at him).

I have been reading for more stuff online for this 2012 version but seems all I’ve come across is for the older versions. like them giving out a name and all. I don’t see that happening in this furby.

This furby is schizo and has multiple personality disorder. He changes “personalities”. AD says he “screams” that he is changing and that it’s “over”. This one personality kept asking for music and kept dancing. Another one was a “tough guy” and wasn’t very pleasant. Another one kept having hearts in his eyes and was singing often. Some eat and sleep more too it seems.

There are some comprehensive FAQs out there for the older versions and I’m still waiting for more information out on what this 2012 one can do. And possibly, “easter eggs”, which I read means the programming that isn’t revealed but you find out yourself.


AD has been a Thomas the train fan so it was natural for us to pick up the train capsules.

Was happy again with the capsule purchase when the sales lady agreed for us to do one on one exchanges without fuss. I avoided all the rilakkuma capsules so we ended up searching for Thomas ones. The lady was kind enough to open a new packet for us to dig into! 🙂 but it’s not a complete series as there was no helicopter or James.

But having said the above, I’d still like I caution would be buyers about the rusty ones as they really looked nasty. It wasn’t just the rilakkuma ones either as I saw some sonny angels and Disney ones rusted too. Think the Thomas ones weren’t affected partly cos they don’t really have many or any metal parts.