museum day

the large windows overlooking the courtyards and looking out to other white columns and walls of the building were such nice places…maybe for a bay window seat for reading.

The curator has such a nice idea of color use in these lit glass bottles.


The museum offered these coloring sheets for free expression – one could color and also fill in the placards that the people are holding. A few completed pieces were displayed and this one made me laugh!


This photograph are of strikers in the 1960s and boy, don’t they look positively well dressed and elegant for a strike?


Somehow this just tickled me, “Suddenly, everything had become strange. Almost weird.”


OK, now, Please give me your opinion on something.

In the special exhibition, there is an activity book, for which you have to find clues to solve a case, each of which is an answer to a question,

and one question was:

“in the palace you will find two men, one represents love the other freedom. Find them amongst flowers as they converse in an 8-pointed star”.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (i.e. seven letters)

poetry adorns the borders of these lustreware tiles.

What do you think belongs in the blanks. Below is the star in question and the accompany description. We spent like probably 10 mins or more on this!! I’m wondering if I’m jus dim or does this just not make sense as a question – you tell me?

We just could not figure it out. We guessed it in the end but u give it a try?