AD’s favorite dish

I don’t pretend to be a good, even competent chef, and I have to admit my repertoire is limited. So this year, one of the things I hope to do is to learn some new recipes. I won’t be overly ambitious but will start out with some simple ones.

Mom recently taught me this one that is simple and versatile and a favorite of AD’s as she loves tomatoes. So I took step by step pics to share with you.

Step 1: Dice and fry onions till fragrant.



Step 2: Then add in dice tomatoes


Step 2: Crack and beat an egg.



Step 3: Pour in and wait about one minute before stirring. Add in water and let the whole thing simmer. Season with salt or other mixed vegetable seasonings.


What I like about this dish is its simplicity and versatility. The other day I did one with tofu as an added ingredient. With that, I have quite a few vitamins and protein all packed into one dish. For more flavor, add in prawns, minced meat, etc.

Do you have a recipe that you could share with me? Something that is your go-to for a nice wholesome easy dish?



We have survived our first major children’s birthday party. I woke up with a bad sore throat but perhaps that is unrelated. Anyway, a few things I learnt:

  • Some people do not RSVP, they just show up, so prepare excess whatever
  • Kids do not like cake nowadays (!!??), they don’t even like spaghetti (this one takes some research)
  • Must provide non stop entertainment in the form of a train of games, games, games
  • Set down ground rules early so they don’t end up jumping on your bed (yes it really happened)
  • Get all of them together for group photos cos they just move too fast for candid shots (somewhat, as fren says, like taking pics of dogs – you just end up with blurry photos).
  • Pencil cases are a hot gift at their level.
  • They love arts and crafts (maybe this only works with girls?)

What other things did I miss?

update: Fren who was present added:

  • pizza may work better. and maybe cute looking pasta. With cream sauce rather than tomato sauce.
  • put a “Do not enter” sign for your bedroom door the next time.
  • Perhaps cupcakes or chocolate cake may be popular.

A break

Been on a hiatus of sorts from blogging. Been up to my eyeballs in a lot of other things, and also been away. It’s just been one thing after another. no rest for the wicked indeed!

This was the view straight up from my deck chair when I lay down by the pool. There was a bit of pool time, which actually isn’t very me during a holiday, but have to say that I did quite a few not-very-me things as well. It was good in some ways to step out and try something different.


Sunsets were quite a feature there and indeed they seem a lot nicer. Maybe cos the view was unobstructed, but the colors were also a lot more intense. These were on two different days. The one above from land, the one below on water from a boat.


We also saw two rainbows during the trip.


Brought my bottle of Seuss but didn’t get the time to do it properly. Slapped it on in 3 mins and had it all smudge 3 mins later. So, overall wasted effort.



And yes, life is. And holidays can be. 🙂



There were no souvenirs. The only things we brought back were prawns. 🙂


First time I had this fruit was more than a year ago when we visited my aunt and her garden. She found them pretty sour and didn’t expect us to like them much but somehow AD and I got used to eating them. She now saves them for us from time to time and we got a bunch of them in our last trip.