crocheted baby beanie

IMG_1083baby beanie

Finished up a baby beanie and hope it fits. Had no idea as I have no measuring tape at home (at least not that I know where). Tried it on one of the blythe dolls, which I know has a head circumference of around 27.5 cm. Will add embellishments, such as a flower, later.

Modified the free shell stitch pattern found at the Dainty Daisy. She  also shares a lot more premie beanie patterns on her blog.

i’m thinking of doing this pattern next. Not too sure if it looks a bit too much like a doily.


So, it was a hot day


This was AD’s Sunday School artwork. Does it say anything to you?


Passed by this cat that looked as if it felt as hot as we did. AD noticed its tongue was out, but from what I know that could be because of dental problems as well. It’s ear was tipped, which means it’s sterilised and probably managed by a caregiver.