Carrot Fantasy addiction


The whole family is playing carrot fantasy, with exception of my mom (which is really quite ironic since she’s the gamer of the family these days). I just told hubs, “Thanks for introducing me to Carrot Fantasy and making me waste so much of my life”. His reply: “You take responsibility for your own actions.”

I’m quite surprised the game is free, YES, FREE, and yet is quite complex and contains so many levels.

Here are some screen shots of my game. I liken it to Plants Vs Zombies somewhat. You plant “towers”, which then shoot or radiate stuff that kills some monsters/aliens.


I was quite done with it in a whole day of gaming

BUT then, growing monsters gets you more levels….AND…


I found out finally how to kill that whale (poor thing), and yes Google taught me. AD says the whale tells you himself (DUH!), and too bad I didn’t bother to read his speech bubbles. Hmmmm….


Update: I realised I forgot to mention it’s an iphone/ipad app game. Did I mention it’s free? NO, I don’t get commission!!

Did you like the game too?


2 thoughts on “Carrot Fantasy addiction

    • hey there, sorry for the late response. I haven’t played this game for a while though. The cookies and milk that you use to feed the monsters pop up randomly during gameplay through the levels. Sometimes you get a nest or egg instead.

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