AD’s favorite dish

I don’t pretend to be a good, even competent chef, and I have to admit my repertoire is limited. So this year, one of the things I hope to do is to learn some new recipes. I won’t be overly ambitious but will start out with some simple ones.

Mom recently taught me this one that is simple and versatile and a favorite of AD’s as she loves tomatoes. So I took step by step pics to share with you.

Step 1: Dice and fry onions till fragrant.



Step 2: Then add in dice tomatoes


Step 2: Crack and beat an egg.



Step 3: Pour in and wait about one minute before stirring. Add in water and let the whole thing simmer. Season with salt or other mixed vegetable seasonings.


What I like about this dish is its simplicity and versatility. The other day I did one with tofu as an added ingredient. With that, I have quite a few vitamins and protein all packed into one dish. For more flavor, add in prawns, minced meat, etc.

Do you have a recipe that you could share with me? Something that is your go-to for a nice wholesome easy dish?


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