We have survived our first major children’s birthday party. I woke up with a bad sore throat but perhaps that is unrelated. Anyway, a few things I learnt:

  • Some people do not RSVP, they just show up, so prepare excess whatever
  • Kids do not like cake nowadays (!!??), they don’t even like spaghetti (this one takes some research)
  • Must provide non stop entertainment in the form of a train of games, games, games
  • Set down ground rules early so they don’t end up jumping on your bed (yes it really happened)
  • Get all of them together for group photos cos they just move too fast for candid shots (somewhat, as fren says, like taking pics of dogs – you just end up with blurry photos).
  • Pencil cases are a hot gift at their level.
  • They love arts and crafts (maybe this only works with girls?)

What other things did I miss?

update: Fren who was present added:

  • pizza may work better. and maybe cute looking pasta. With cream sauce rather than tomato sauce.
  • put a “Do not enter” sign for your bedroom door the next time.
  • Perhaps cupcakes or chocolate cake may be popular.

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