A break

Been on a hiatus of sorts from blogging. Been up to my eyeballs in a lot of other things, and also been away. It’s just been one thing after another. no rest for the wicked indeed!

This was the view straight up from my deck chair when I lay down by the pool. There was a bit of pool time, which actually isn’t very me during a holiday, but have to say that I did quite a few not-very-me things as well. It was good in some ways to step out and try something different.


Sunsets were quite a feature there and indeed they seem a lot nicer. Maybe cos the view was unobstructed, but the colors were also a lot more intense. These were on two different days. The one above from land, the one below on water from a boat.


We also saw two rainbows during the trip.


Brought my bottle of Seuss but didn’t get the time to do it properly. Slapped it on in 3 mins and had it all smudge 3 mins later. So, overall wasted effort.



And yes, life is. And holidays can be. 🙂



There were no souvenirs. The only things we brought back were prawns. 🙂


candy lacquer

Got nail polish mail! I was tempted by all the holiday polishes coming out and I finally bought these a few weeks ago and had on pam whimsical’s kitty glitter when they arrived and I just polished over that.

This is part of her MLP series and I liked this shiny star, heart, whitish/silverish glitter the most.


it’s really pretty and I can’t wait to try it on other colors, although I can’t think what those will be at the moment.

Got snow bunny a bit impulsively as I wasn’t really looking to buy it, but I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a lovely combination of pink, blue, purple and silver.