NOTD: Fish by The Nail Junkie (swatches of the rest later)

Received my second batch of indie polishes, from The Nail Junkie. Besides the polishes themselves, she also added a “cutie balm” and glitter removal felt pieces. And, some halloween goodies!! 🙂

I got Candy Corn, Fish and Pumpkin. The two orangy ones, as you can guess, are part of her halloween collection. There’s now a giveaway, so join now! I’m going to start swatches with the fish polish. I actually swatched candy corn first but I was in such a hurry to build layers that it got a bit messy and I had to remove it. I also wanted to try Pumpkin and painted over and it became a real mess. I was just too impatient to see how all of them would look! 🙂

Here’s the fish:

AD said this one looks like the sparkling sea. I didn’t manage to catch one in strong sunlight but it does sparkle with hexagonal glitters. There are also smaller blue glitters, in a shimmery blue base. It’s quite sheer so I put in about 4 coats to get it to the solid color that I like.



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