NOTD: Seuss and Kitty Glitter (updated with pic)

Updated with a picture. The amigurumi kitty, named Cave, is one I made quite a while ago. Realised when I saw pam’s card that Cave matched the kitty on it. So he become a prop too with the two polishes I got from her. 🙂

These are my first indie polishes from Whimsical ideas by pam! Waited forever for them, not because they were sent out late, but because it spent so much time in the post. pam doesn’t send out of the States so I had to go a roundabout route to obtain these,  with many thanks to a dear friend.

I like most of pam’s whimsical polishes but I was really smitten by Seuss.

I almost didn’t get another polish, as this was my first indie purchase but decided to try kitty glitter as well. I’m glad I got it cos I maybe possibly like it more than Seuss! It’s a beautiful color with small and large glitter.

The formular of both bottles I got was good, and the polish went on really smoothly. Seuss is a bit more sheer and I needed at least three coats to cover Visible Nail Line. The only thing is that they smell quite strongly, compared to some of the other brands that i have been using. It was the same with cirque as well, although the smell is slightly different.

I would love to get more so I hope she will consider shipping internationally sometime soon!


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