NOTD: cirque dark horse…operator issues

I was debating between this and butter london’s gobsmacked. I also wondered about whether I was getting something similar to aengland’s bridal veil. this seemed something different – mixed by hand in NY, with essential oils. So I decided to try especially after seeing amazing swatches.

I have to say I don’t know if it’s just me but I really had a difficult time with the formula. This is actually my third attempt! Basically I would have to describe it as painting black sand (or rather, glitter) in a clear base. It takes three coats to get some color. It dries matt and rough like Deborah Lippmann’s “girls gone wild” and sucks up topcoat. It took me three coats of topcoat to get it looking glossy. In the picture I have three coats of topcoat on my middle finger and one on my pinky. See the difference?

This is my first scented polish and actually the formula smells mostly and strongly of solvent. There’s a light smell of something else but I can’t really place it as lavender.

I kind of regretted getting this when my first attempts were failing and I was having an awful time taking off the polish (it’s not as bad as glitter polish but takes elbow grease!). I almost just left my nails bare as I wasn’t in the mood for another color. But I really wanted to make it work after recalling all the gorgeous swatches out there. Lookin at how it came out im not entirely satisfied. I’m not quite happy with it. I may need to find a new home for it. Sadly it was quite expensive. 😦 I don’t get it, cos many bloggers seemed to have no problems with the formula.

It doesnt appear exactly black, like aEngland’s bridal veil but it gets darker with the topcoat.


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