Little kitty

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We were thinking for a long time about what to get a friend and I realised I had most of what I needed to make an amigurumi of her cat. However I had less than a week so I quickly got to it.

I first realised after I had finished the head, that I hadn’t allowed for more brown on top like the actual cat had – I was not looking closely and often enough at the picture!

Then I realised I needed blue eyes but all I had were brown and green ones. Rushed down to the shop but still only had brown ones. I decided to try an experiment – using the exacto type knife I scrapped off all the paint (and some of the plastic – it was an imprecise art!) and repainted with blue and white paint. I thought it came out pretty ok If I must say so myself. 🙂

Now All’s that’s left is the tail and markings, which I should do a more careful study of!

Maybe there will be some time left for a collar.


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