Aunties are suckers

Maybe you think me odd but I bought potatoes before I bought the peeler. Or perhaps you think me odd not to have a peeler, which is actually something I thought of myself when I lugged the potatoes home and realised the fact – it was like, wait, didn’t I have a peeler? like in which universe? duh!

Anyway, I used this big old knife to make the salad that day and I decided I wouldn’t try that again since it wasted a lot of the potato what with the skill level that I have (don’t have?).

I thus went and got the most expensive one in the shop. Erm, well, it was somewhat on purpose since I do believe in a good peeler (and you are shaking your head). Well, I figured this is a good buy since the blade is ceramic and won’t rust (or whatever, but fren tells me she saw an episode of criminal minds where a ceramic knife chipped and got embedded in the victim, so I think she means…still not quite sure what the moral of the story is). And well, the ceramic was cut by a diamond!! (now you are think this auntie is a sucker). Oh well, at least the thing did its job.


And it was red!

So, ended up making potato salad at around 9.30 pm. I took just one bite (for tasting purposes mind you) and well, I do believe I put on whatever I burned in the 20 mins at the gym (yes, don’t laugh, who goes to the gym for 20 mins). Carbo high…..


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