Had no idea what this dino exhibition was about until we actually bought the uber expensive tix and went in. Basically it’s full of robotic dinosaurs, moving their legs up an down and their mouths open and shut. There were also some sounds that reminded me of a herd of cows. Ok ok, so I don’t sound impressed, but it was so so for under an hour. I actually can probably think of a lot of ways the organisers could have made it better, but I guess the worse for me were the signs. They really didn’t tell me anything much at all and I’ve felt I’ve left knowing no much more than when I came. Why? Cos the words were all tangled up in a mess. It wasn’t concise, nor was the information that interesting. It was all about the naming, who discovered, and one sentence speculations. I would have preferred a lot more facts, interesting ones, and signs that could not only be read (some were placed in very very dim places) but also understood, especially for children. There was some effort to engage the kids, with some simple arts and coloring projects run by secondary school students, but otherwise, there wasn’t anything much else. Quite a lost opportunity for the science centre I’d say.

We also found out that AD’s favorite dino is the diplodocus and hub’s is the triceratops. Mine wasn’t represented there – brontosaurus, which I understand isn’t really a dino at all.



I shalln’t ruin your trip with any more pictures.

Then we ended our day’s outing a bit dismally, having only found out that UM doesn’t open on Mondays after actually getting there and not being able to stop at the 5th floor.

Another day for that then….


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