Happy new year

It has been a bit of an atypical year end but great times with new friends and family. Happy new year to all my dear readers!






The countryside

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We were stuck in a very bad jam that delayed us by more than two hours – bad timing. One thing about being in one is the sense of being trapped – you can’t even get out and go back if you change your mind. By the time we go to town, we were hungry and ate a light meal before going for a bit of shopping and then heading over to Third Auntie’s house. She cooked us a sumptuous dinner of fish, fresh wild bamboo, soy sauce & ginger chicken and homemade chilli prawn. And whilst we ate, AD was most interested in her cats, which looked really chummy with each other, sitting together and also nudging each other. Aunt also told us that the white one had just given birth so AD and I went to have a quick peek at the kittens. They were really small!

We also walked around in her garden and came across this melon that mom said could be dried and used to wash the body or dishes (something like loofah). Apparently it is great to wash dishes but mom had never tried it on the body.  I thought that would be neat so requested some from my auntie. Will let you know how it goes! 🙂

The rest of the trip was hardly worth mentioning. We ran a nearly full day of errands (horrible horrible! You would not believe the procedures, seriously!! BUT having said that, Thank God for blessing us with a person who gave his number to us that cut short the waiting time by probably 1.5 hrs)  and then dropped by a rather popular shopping mall, but found nothing that interested us. Oh, and I found a cockroach nymph in my breakfast, which my other auntie said was not an issue but made me lose my appetite.  ;p lol.

AD also picked up a new behaviour – swinging her hands around every so often to shoo away flies! It’s the countryside, what is one to do….

It’s the holidays!

The pics in this post are all using my phone.

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After being invited to a Christmas Eve party, we went a hunting for gifts and a gingerbread house. We hunted high and low in town earlier this week and finally stumbled upon this one. We picked it up today and realised it was really small! I saw one about 1.5 – 2 x the size for almost 2/3 rds of the price. This teaches you that you need to consult your best friend (google) and possible the gossip monger (FB) before going to the ground. Saves you much unnecessary work and heartache.

The party host had decorated her house for the party, with Christmassy balloons and little knick knacks here and there, together with Christmas candles. It was only after we were on the way that I realised I left my DSLR at home, and I thought maybe it’s for the best as it might look weird for me to be taking pics at someone else’s party (like some paparazzi) with such a big camera. But, in the end, ironically, I ended up standing in as photographer, using the host’s DSLR, very similar to mine, but with an additional lens that was super heavy (I really love my camera actually, and I think I should try to spend more time cultivating a relationship with it. LOL). I spent took pics of nearly all her guests and kids and different areas in the house and also the gift presentation “ceremony” whereby one of the family dressed as Santa Claus to pass out gifts one by one. Each recipient posed with Santa (imagine a graduation ceremony) and that’s where I came in. It was quite funny at times! 🙂

I really liked the table setting, not least of all cos it was full of yummylicious food. It looked like A LOT of effort. Just thinking about the effort made me tired. It recalled those times when I did all those parties  – oh, the decorations, the food, the door gifts, the invites (even done avec photoshop!). Wow, it seems like any domestic goddess aspirations have flown out the window, or slowly evaporated. Which is why, I TOTALLY appreciate a good party now and I look at nearly everything (that was not meant to sound scary).

Red velvet cupcakes topped with cream cheese and organic berries! Hmmmm…mmm

My plateful of the goodies! Such beautiful colors.

Oh, hearty home cooked beef stew!

Turkey done to perfection (she revealed she had a wonderful oven that could steam and then bake…should I be looking into that??). She said it took only 3 hours. And it was really nicely done all over, evenly cooked and brown outside. Strangely, now that I look at it, there are veggies together with the turkey that I and hubs completely missed!

Cute Holiday Christmas cookies!

AD’s pressies  with cutie blue (the original one bought by mom in June). One is handmade by the host. Cool isn’t it? Mom was impressed! She said she thought it was bought at first.

My pressie to her was to make her a kitty amigurumi that resembled her cat.

And, we can tell someone likes Thomas the Train. 🙂 Even the toilet had one!

Little kitty

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We were thinking for a long time about what to get a friend and I realised I had most of what I needed to make an amigurumi of her cat. However I had less than a week so I quickly got to it.

I first realised after I had finished the head, that I hadn’t allowed for more brown on top like the actual cat had – I was not looking closely and often enough at the picture!

Then I realised I needed blue eyes but all I had were brown and green ones. Rushed down to the shop but still only had brown ones. I decided to try an experiment – using the exacto type knife I scrapped off all the paint (and some of the plastic – it was an imprecise art!) and repainted with blue and white paint. I thought it came out pretty ok If I must say so myself. 🙂

Now All’s that’s left is the tail and markings, which I should do a more careful study of!

Maybe there will be some time left for a collar.

And we are finishing the day!

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We are already into a new day as I write this, so I’d have to refer the happenings as being yesterday. We were out for more than 12 hours! Dinner at FR’s was wonderful, as the meals always are. Both AD and I had a polka dotted manicure too!

Recently finding little time to blog and so most posts have been brief. Uou mat have noticed that sometimes I’ll go backwards to fill in text.