When will this be?

As in, when will I be able to play like this (not regarding the subject of this song). I was thinking maybe even if I tried till I was 50 I wouldn’t be able to.

Spent a lot of time actually, going through a lot of Sungha Jung’s songs on youtube. Apparently he’s some youtube superstar that a lot of people have already heard of (although I notice that youngster on ukulele got 50 million views vs Sungha Jung’s highest 23 million – I think for the former it’s the cute factor). I’m most impressed with the fact that he arranges the songs himself and of course his finger work. I am not sure I can be all that co-ordinated. I read from wiki that he takes three days to learn (and arrange?) a song and then he records and uploads.

So I’ve decided on a kala (yes I repeat myself a bit here), but whether it’ll be the spruce+mahogany or the spruce+ lacewood will depend on vendor and price.


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