When will this be?

As in, when will I be able to play like this (not regarding the subject of this song). I was thinking maybe even if I tried till I was 50 I wouldn’t be able to.

Spent a lot of time actually, going through a lot of Sungha Jung’s songs on youtube. Apparently he’s some youtube superstar that a lot of people have already heard of (although I notice that youngster on ukulele got 50 million views vs Sungha Jung’s highest 23 million – I think for the former it’s the cute factor). I’m most impressed with the fact that he arranges the songs himself and of course his finger work. I am not sure I can be all that co-ordinated. I read from wiki that he takes three days to learn (and arrange?) a song and then he records and uploads.

So I’ve decided on a kala (yes I repeat myself a bit here), but whether it’ll be the spruce+mahogany or the spruce+ lacewood will depend on vendor and price.



The other day (think it was last week) I realised that the usual shop had gotten new supplies of rilakkuma and korilakkuma, most probably to catch the holiday shopping crowds looking for cute. There were now rilakkumas all decked out in furry suits, hoods, etc, although my favorites were still the ones in nude. hahahha


Then, after passing another outlet, I found out the other day that there were even bigger rilakkumas than I knew existed. But they seem a bit more distorted at that size (not that they aren’t to begin with).

It’s been a rilakkuma and korilakkuma craze for a while. We’ve named them all after nuts (Hazelnut, Cashew Nut, Peanut) except daisy the korilakkuma.


These kinda inspire me to go make some rilakkuma looking amigurumi.



This is how Peanut travels. He comes out with us sometimes. 🙂



Yesterday, father and daughter had a day without mommy. They had a whole day of fun, including water play, trains, swimming, baking (decorating cupcakes with cream cheese and icing cookies),…ending off with a scrumptious dinner….

and where was I?



But after that, I went down to look for a ukulele with two good frens. This year, we decided to name our Christmas gifts, so that we would get exactly what we wanted (we grow ever more practical). I thought I’d request a ukulele so we were three girls out on a mission despite the rain (which fortunately eased up in the evening). Sidetracking, but one thing I really love about these two is their being open to my all sorts of silly ideas, no matter how inconveniencing they are.

After getting a bit lost (despite three iPhones between us, although mine as usual was nearly flat), we arrived just a tad before closing time. The array of ukes seemed mind boggling at first, but after the salesperson had tried a few for us , we knew what we wanted. We unanimously agreed that the sounds from a solid spruce top were the best, but unfortunately it also came with what the salesperson admitted was a “solid” price. And so we left the place empty handed.

Since then (which isn’t very long now), I have googled and researched and decided I would like to go for the Kala Travel Spruce Top Soprano with Mahogany laminate sides. Why? It just looks good. Erm, well, actually it doesn’t look that good, since it isn’t white (I somehow had white in mind when I set off uke shopping), but it is slim, looking nifty and mobile. Reviews are also good on the sound.

But if I really had money to throw, it would be a Kala Travel Spruce Top, Solid Lacewood sides and back…this one sounds like it could last a good ten years without trying. Cept it might be 10 years gathering dust.

This is where I stop and think, Am I really really serious? I really really don’t know. What if I lose heart, patience, interest? And what if I just end up with no time?

I have never been a guitar fan. But I do like the idea of the uke, cos it seems a much more social instrument than the flute, which is actually still my favorite all time. But it’s not possible to sing and play the flute at the same time – I mean not that I like singing very much but other people also can’t sing along either (my friend also says it accompanies a straw hat and summer dress very well).

I already even know which song I’m gonna try first – Kaze Ni Naru.

So, well, what is it to be?

3/365 - Family

And, AD excitedly showed me her masterpieces, but think mostly she wanted me to take pictures of them. ;p