Blythe sightings in Bangkok

We were looking out for some blythe stuff in Bangkok cos we’d heard that the people were pretty crazy about blythe. We didn’t see anyone actually with a blythe doll out (except us). We did come across a few places with blythe dolls but we didn’t find any of them promising for blythe doll purchasing so this rundown below is just for information. 

1. Siam Paragon Department store. Nice displays of blythe dolls, some customised. The prices were super wow though. 



2. There was another shop opposite called Qconcept shop, that didn’t allow pictures, but I did buy something… 


3. Mayruke opposite Siam Paragon in Siam Square area – a strange place. The dolls are on the second floor, which isn’t really assessible for the not very nimble or those who have paranoia of falling down stairs (but I still went up!). Part of the place looked like a workshop. Basically, our conclusion was that this shop was opened by someone as a hobby and not a money making enterprise. 



4. Coffee-toy shop (climb up stairs in side alley in Chinatown). We never knew the name of this place. The blythe collection seemed to be for sale, and then not. No one was manning the place, it was rather messy and there were no prices. It seemed more like a personal collection for decorative purposes.


We found and bought blythe clothes in another shop at Chinatown but again we didn’t take down the name cos at that time we wanted to collapse.



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