Was still looking for the perfect elusive robin egg blue and decided to give this brand Priti a try. So far so good, as it goes on rather smoothly, although after all the customisation work I don’t know why I bother since there are now a lot of boo boos. 


oh chinatown!

Chinatown is the home of cutesy and kitsch. Saw these sonny angel lamps and thot they were pretty cute and at $10, rather affordable for a unique lamp. However, when the saleslady switched it on using erm, you-know-what, I realised it wasn’t for me. Plus, the light was only at the head, which made the lamp, when on, pretty strange looking.


more food…

Our second Thai meal. Yummy rolls, love the herbs including thai coriander. 

I didn’t take many photos of food as we had a “designated official food blogger” of the trip – coboypb! And you can check out all her pictures and posts of our trip at her blog simple joys in life. Every evening (or rather night, since we slept around 12-1am every day) she would update her blog with pictures and commentary of our day on her iphone. One evening, she told us, with a straight face, “Before the iphone, I never had such a close relationship with a phone”, causing us to burst out laughing cos it sounded so much like she was talking about a real person-person relationship! lol!