Accidents happen

For once, a post will not have a photo. Well, this post almost did but when I was attempting one, hubs was incredulously telling me I was going to disgust all of you, my dear blog readers (ok, admittedly that didn’t stop me from trying but I ditched it as it didn’t come out well). Thing is, this Monday I had quite a fall, down exactly one flight of stairs. Some people have asked how exactly that happened. I surmise that I slipped off the edge of the first stair when I was rushing somewhere else. But as to how exactly I travelled from top to bottom, I have to assume I rolled or crashed down because the next thing I knew, I and my laptop were already making a racket hitting the floor. A few people also asked if anyone helped. Well, actually my first thought after quickly getting myself up, painfully, was that no one was around, cos it was really un-glam. Someone who was nearby did do a turnaround and come glance and call out if i needed help, but I told them no. I didn’t really know how they were going to help. Frankly at that time I was in a bit of a shock I think. 

It was a serious accident, but like how sometimes people escape a burning house, or a bad traffic accident, with just scratches….well, that is how I feel really. And I really thank God I wasn’t concussed or broke some bones, all of which could have been very probable coming down one flight of stairs. In fact, I appeared luckier than my laptop, which completely blacked out, and thinking back, the irony of it all, was that I was quite worried it wouldn’t start up again. I suppose if I had let go of it I might have grabbed the railing? Everything just happened in a split second. 

So, what has this taught me? A few people said, “not to wear high heeled shoes”, but what do you think? I am grateful and I should be more careful (hubs nagged me one whole night about the latter point) and haste really can make waste. Waste to good plans. like now I don’t think I can go to the gym, or swimming, or much else cos my whole body aches and I don’t want to risk putting something out of place. 

Thank you to those of you who enquired after me via twitter or SMS or F2F. I appreciate your concern. 🙂 
Got more questions:
1. How many steps were there actually? (there were ten, yes, I went and counted after I was asked this question).
2. Were you actually messaging whilst walking? (no, I wasn’t.)
3. Were you not actually beaten up by someone – hubs/boss? (erm, no).

2 thoughts on “Accidents happen

  1. the questions are funny. It’s scary to read about your fall. So glad that you are alright other than the bruises, aches and pain.

  2. I guess they were trying to imagine it, and also thinking how to avoid this. 🙂 Thanks for your well wishes and concern. I am feeling better!

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