Sitting Pretty


Decided I didn’t need 18Megapixels for a regular blog photo, and that I was quite tired of launching Adobe on my memory limited laptop at the moment (which is also sick in other ways). 🙂 Actually, all these things take a long long time, ya know! More time consuming that making a cup of tea and reading a book. lol. OK, so I exaggerate (well, it depends on the book). I just thought blogging had to be easier than what I have been doing…no? Which means to say, I didn’t resize nor put on a “signature” on the photo either. I just took using phone, uploaded using phone, and then voila! well, there were a few other machinations to get it from twitpic to posterous, flickr,etc. Sometimes I wonder if I just have a few too many social networks, then at other times, I feel as if I don’t have sufficient. 

If you have noticed, I decided to put in a few more words to my posts. You will probably not believe it but one of the main reasons (ok, other than meowmeowains, the preschooler) that I do not write much in my blog nowadays (and some of you might have thought this was a photoblog) is that I take so much time taking, downloading, photoshopping and uploading the pics. Seriously! After it successfully uploads, I find I run out of steam (and time). And in the first place, I do blog cos I like writing! The irony. 


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