little sonny angels…no, I generally do not bring them around, so don’t be too freaked. ;p

I have been feeling the need to clear some clutter. I’ve read that clutter is really quite bad for your health (??). And, it impresses on me that the space of the house I live in is finite, which means if i keep bringing things home, I have less and less space (duh). To make the long story short, the only way to manage this is really  = one thing in, one thing out. Preferably the two balance somehow sometime after some time.


So, I started with bags, since I recently bought myself two bags I had been eyeing. I know someone (ahem) may think otherwise, but I really seldom get bags. I went to the wardrobe to clear out those bags that I don’t use and I realised that nearly all the bags were bought by hubs. I only managed to clear one bag I bought and it happened to be brand new, and I passed it on to mom, just for the sake of creating aforesaid space. I also put one huge paper bag at the door for things I want to donate to the thrift shop, but it’s been a week and it’s still nearly empty. 

I then progressed (for want of better word!) to the study room, but it really isn’t in me to throw away books, although I have given them away. And, come to think of it, the books that I have recently been looking for to read again (chrestomanci series) may actually have been given away. And I nearly bought them again. Which goes to show this tactic doesn’t work. 


So, what do you start with, when you clear clutter? 


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