over the moon


It’s become a bit of a tradition to get yam mooncakes for mom, who loves yam. The higher prices ($19 vs $16 last year for the yam ones) sure hasn’t stopped any other people from getting their share of these sweet treats as we nearly got squashed. It’s just that it strikes me that the price increased 20% after one year. If only my pay had kept up. 😦 

The pictures aren’t that great as the lighting was already dimming and they were melting as they are made of mousse and infused with tea. The “egg” in the black mooncake is more like a soft orange sweet. Actually, I bought it without even trying. The samples they were dishing out all went down meowmeowains’ throat….



Angry abt somethin’?


Meowmeowains has been rather interested in angry birds, esp after getting cutie blue, the blue ball. Her classmates all seem to play too. So, I officially term this generation, the one that comes after Gen Y, the angry birds generation!

Accidents happen

For once, a post will not have a photo. Well, this post almost did but when I was attempting one, hubs was incredulously telling me I was going to disgust all of you, my dear blog readers (ok, admittedly that didn’t stop me from trying but I ditched it as it didn’t come out well). Thing is, this Monday I had quite a fall, down exactly one flight of stairs. Some people have asked how exactly that happened. I surmise that I slipped off the edge of the first stair when I was rushing somewhere else. But as to how exactly I travelled from top to bottom, I have to assume I rolled or crashed down because the next thing I knew, I and my laptop were already making a racket hitting the floor. A few people also asked if anyone helped. Well, actually my first thought after quickly getting myself up, painfully, was that no one was around, cos it was really un-glam. Someone who was nearby did do a turnaround and come glance and call out if i needed help, but I told them no. I didn’t really know how they were going to help. Frankly at that time I was in a bit of a shock I think. 

It was a serious accident, but like how sometimes people escape a burning house, or a bad traffic accident, with just scratches….well, that is how I feel really. And I really thank God I wasn’t concussed or broke some bones, all of which could have been very probable coming down one flight of stairs. In fact, I appeared luckier than my laptop, which completely blacked out, and thinking back, the irony of it all, was that I was quite worried it wouldn’t start up again. I suppose if I had let go of it I might have grabbed the railing? Everything just happened in a split second. 

So, what has this taught me? A few people said, “not to wear high heeled shoes”, but what do you think? I am grateful and I should be more careful (hubs nagged me one whole night about the latter point) and haste really can make waste. Waste to good plans. like now I don’t think I can go to the gym, or swimming, or much else cos my whole body aches and I don’t want to risk putting something out of place. 

Thank you to those of you who enquired after me via twitter or SMS or F2F. I appreciate your concern. 🙂 
Got more questions:
1. How many steps were there actually? (there were ten, yes, I went and counted after I was asked this question).
2. Were you actually messaging whilst walking? (no, I wasn’t.)
3. Were you not actually beaten up by someone – hubs/boss? (erm, no).

Sitting Pretty


Decided I didn’t need 18Megapixels for a regular blog photo, and that I was quite tired of launching Adobe on my memory limited laptop at the moment (which is also sick in other ways). 🙂 Actually, all these things take a long long time, ya know! More time consuming that making a cup of tea and reading a book. lol. OK, so I exaggerate (well, it depends on the book). I just thought blogging had to be easier than what I have been doing…no? Which means to say, I didn’t resize nor put on a “signature” on the photo either. I just took using phone, uploaded using phone, and then voila! well, there were a few other machinations to get it from twitpic to posterous, flickr,etc. Sometimes I wonder if I just have a few too many social networks, then at other times, I feel as if I don’t have sufficient. 

If you have noticed, I decided to put in a few more words to my posts. You will probably not believe it but one of the main reasons (ok, other than meowmeowains, the preschooler) that I do not write much in my blog nowadays (and some of you might have thought this was a photoblog) is that I take so much time taking, downloading, photoshopping and uploading the pics. Seriously! After it successfully uploads, I find I run out of steam (and time). And in the first place, I do blog cos I like writing! The irony. 



little sonny angels…no, I generally do not bring them around, so don’t be too freaked. ;p

I have been feeling the need to clear some clutter. I’ve read that clutter is really quite bad for your health (??). And, it impresses on me that the space of the house I live in is finite, which means if i keep bringing things home, I have less and less space (duh). To make the long story short, the only way to manage this is really  = one thing in, one thing out. Preferably the two balance somehow sometime after some time.


So, I started with bags, since I recently bought myself two bags I had been eyeing. I know someone (ahem) may think otherwise, but I really seldom get bags. I went to the wardrobe to clear out those bags that I don’t use and I realised that nearly all the bags were bought by hubs. I only managed to clear one bag I bought and it happened to be brand new, and I passed it on to mom, just for the sake of creating aforesaid space. I also put one huge paper bag at the door for things I want to donate to the thrift shop, but it’s been a week and it’s still nearly empty. 

I then progressed (for want of better word!) to the study room, but it really isn’t in me to throw away books, although I have given them away. And, come to think of it, the books that I have recently been looking for to read again (chrestomanci series) may actually have been given away. And I nearly bought them again. Which goes to show this tactic doesn’t work. 


So, what do you start with, when you clear clutter? 



I recently grew my nails to a somewhat respectable painting length. It didn’t last though, for which I’m somewhat relieved, because I tend to paint and repaint and paint and repaint, like how I customised and recustomised my dolls for a season when I was getting new dolls. I realise I treated them like some customisation/art project. Otherwise, though, I think nails aren’t a very good medium, and truth be told, I always thought that manicures and nail art were for people who didn’t do much. I mean, housework. heh. Point proven when I started to feel guilty about housework neglect and broke a nail in the midst of changing pillowcases. That’s when the whole lot was chopped off. 

Prior to that sad little accident though, I was incredibly taken with robin egg blue. I even took to saying it aloud at work, at which a few harrassed colleagues snapped at me that they had no idea what that was and would I please stop referring to it. Hmmm…I really should stop thinking aloud. 

I also started trying out new colors I never would have thought of in earlier nail pursuits. I mean, especially, black. Black seemed really uh, cool. I wore black for one week, despite that my clothes didn’t match at all. I think that prompted one fren to ask if we really shouldn’t match our nails and clothes. I also added white to the black, though the white did feel odd. I mean, it felt like painting nails with “liquid paper” (and perhaps we have done such things before in school…it did feel, strangely familiar?). 

bright and shiny


Suddenly meomeowains comes to show me her assortment of bracelets and I realise just how many she has! Although the colorful baubly one was given to me as a birthday pressie and technically not hers. 🙂 

I have found myself amassing (ok, not yet a mass technically either, I hope) some of these accessories and am drawn to forever 21’s ever renewing collection ever so often. The problem is that I don’t really like wearing them.